Autors: FilipovaPetrakieva, S. K., Svetlin Shopov.
Title: Educational Application for Information Protection with the use of Cryptographic Methods – part I
Keywords: Cryptographic methods; Substitution ciphers; Transposition c

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to protect the transmission of information from hacker attacks. This is achieved by encrypting the messages before transmission and decrypting them after their receipt, respectively. A Windows desktop application has been developed for educational purposes. For this reason, only basic substitution and transposition methods are implemented in it. Three roles are implemented in the application: administrator, teacher and student. The interface of the application consists of 2 parts: presentation and logical. Additionally, it contains a data section, including text files that the application can work with. This type of applications can be used in different areas of human life. For example, to protect the information in custom text files (.doc, .txt, .pdf, etc.) that can be written to various storage devices or sent via e-mail, or stored in cloud space. The information can be related to management, finance, or military purposes.



    XXX International Scientific Conference Electronics – ET’2021, 2021, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ET52713.2021

    Copyright IEEE Xplore Digital Library

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