Autors: Hristov, K. H., Genovski, I. K.
Title: Mathematical Models of the Energy Characteristics of a Backpressure Steam Turbine Based on a Simulation Study
Keywords: backpressure steam turbine, district heating system, smulation study

Abstract: The backpressure steam turbine installations for combined production generate thermal energy and electricity. The produced electricity depends on the heat load determined by consumers. Heat energy is released in the district heating system through water, which is heated with the exhausted steam in boiler-condenser (district heater). The operation regime of the installation is influenced by load of the released district heat and the temperature of the district heat water at the input and output of the boiler-condenser. The variables are heat load of the district heating system and temperature of district heat water at power plant output. The temperature of the district heat water at the boiler-condenser input is an uncontrollable variable, whose value depends on heat consumption. It influences the steam pressure in the boiler-condenser and the available enthalpy drop of the cogeneration installation. In this report, a verified simulation model is applied on a backpressure steam turbine



    E3S Web Conf/, 2021, Bulgaria,

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