Autors: Nedelchev, K. I., Kralov, I. M., Gieva, E. E., Ruskova, I. N.
Title: Modelling of Acoustic Barrier for Energy Harvesting Applications Having Placed Additional Element with Circle Shape with COMSOL Process Simulaion Software
Keywords: acoustic barriers, generating energy from noise, acoustic no

Abstract: The article studies the change in the level of sound pressure in characteristic areas around a semi-circular acoustic barrier element at different frequencies (from 100 Hz to 2000 Hz). In the present publication, an additional element is placed in front of the acoustic barrier element, the cross section of which is also a pipe shape with a smaller radius facing in the opposite direction of the main element. The change of the sound pressure level in four characteristic zones located on the axis connecting the centres of the two sectors at different positions of the additional element is studied. The aim of the study is to determine the most effective position of the additional element providing the highest pressure in the studied areas in the entire studied frequency range. In this way it is determined in which of the zones it is most effective to place devices for generating electricity from acoustic noise. The results are analysed and the corresponding conclusions are made.


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Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, vol. 27, pp. 1-14, 2022, Bulgaria, Scibulcom Ltd., ISBN ISSN 1310-4772

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