Autors: Tsenev, V. P., Videkov, V. H., Spasova, N. V.
Title: Comparative analysis of the measured deformation of PCBA (Printed circuit board assembly) in the production of electronic modules
Keywords: electronic modules, manufacturing process, measurement, deformation, statistics

Abstract: Based on the flow chart for the production of electronic modules, the most frequently used operations are determined and the preparation, measurement and analysis of the stress of the components mounted on a specific board are made. After comparing the results in statics (maximum stress), dynamics (background stress and its development over time) and during (the time during which they are subjected to stress), conclusions are made about the most dangerous operations for damage to components of applied mechanical stress. In the conclusion the admissibility of the obtained deformations and the risk of using the described processes are assessed.



    XXX International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET2021, 2021, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ET52713.2021.9579791

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