Autors: Ivanov S. C., Tanev I. P.
Title: Active control of a driving circuit by a derivative with respect to DI/DT of the output current
Keywords: Active control, Power electronics, Transient processes

Abstract: Abstract. The paper proposes a method, as well as a schematic diagram of a driving circuit for controlling a MOSFET. The mathematical model of the driving function of the circuit has been developed and analyzed. A particular schematics solution is described as a principle of operation. The experimental results from a working mode for controlling a MOSFET by an active-inductive load are considered. The transient processes at the moments of turning the transistor on and off are investigated. They are conditionally divided into three intervals. The losses of power at turning on and off are investigated as well. Another purpose of this paper is to evaluate a strategy to reduce the EMI noise by controlling of the source current during switching of a MOSFET. A parallel is drawn between the transient processes, employing the newly proposed and a commonly used driver. Conclusions and analyses are drawn.


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PROCEEDINGS, pp. 200 - 205, 2012, Bulgaria, Ruse, ПРИМАКС, Русе, България, ISBN ISBN 978-954-8675-36-9

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