Autors: Stoimenov, F. O., Dimitrov, V. V., Arnaudov, D. D.
Title: Electronic Load Modeling for VRM
Keywords: electronic load; modeling; VRM; current injectors

Abstract: The voltage regulator module is the workhorse of every power supply for a modern processor or a FPGA. Extensive experimental verification of both closed loop dynamics and dc operation is important in order to design a stable VRM. An electronic load capable of both dc and ac testing of VRM modules is a key instrument in such an endeavor. The paper an electronic load for such an application providing both analytic analysis and simulation results. First, a general circuit for a linear electronic load isp resented, and analytical results for its transfer function are obtained. These are verified thought simulation. Finally, an additional mode of operation of the circuit as a current injector for stability measurements of VRM is presented.



    XXX International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), 2021, pp. 1-4, 2021, Bulgaria, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, DOI 10.1109/ET52713.2021.9579507

    Copyright IEEE

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