Autors: Pandiev, I. M.
Title: Design and Testing of Laboratory System for Study of Programmable Waveform Generator Based on Direct Digital Synthesis
Keywords: generators; analog-digital integrated circuits; DDS; voltage control; analog multipliers; engineering education; training

Abstract: This paper presents the structure and educational purposes of a laboratory system intended for the study of programmable waveform generators based on direct digital synthesis (DDS). The developed system consists of two basic functional blocks – a programmable waveform generator and a controllable high-frequency attenuator implemented on separate printed circuit boards. The programmable waveform generator is based on the EVAL-AD9833SDZ evaluation board, which is built around a monolithic low-power programmable waveform generator AD9833. The voltage controllable high-frequency (HF) attenuator is synthesized based on monolithic HF four-quadrant analog multiplier AD834 and transimpedance amplifier (TIA) based on current-feed¬back amplifier (CFA) AD844. The laboratory system is intended for the practical study of students in the Master’s degree program of “Electronics” at the Technical University of Sofia.



    XXX International Scientific Conference Electronics – ET 2021, 2021, Bulgaria, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., DOI 10.1109/ET52713.2021.9579853

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