Autors: Atanasova, R. P., Pavlova, M. C., Merkova M.
Title: Design and constructive – technological development for children’s art clothing
Keywords: children's art clothing, fashion collection, CAD system, algorithms, technological maps

Abstract: The present study directs research and creative activity towards the realization of a design and constructive-technological concept for children's art clothing. The collection consists of clothes that are inspired by the children's imaginary world - fairy tale characters, animals, fruits. The educational function of the clothing is sought. The choice of models is subject to comfort and freedom of movement. The artistic design of the products in the collection is realized with the help of software for creating and processing images. The process of construction and modelling is algorithmized and performed automatically using a specialized CAD clothing system. The technological and operational maps are algorithmized and developed on CorelDraw. The designed constructions can be used for modelling a wide range of clothing for children.



    26th Scientific Conference on Power Engineering and Power Machines (PEPM’2021), vol. E3S Web Conf. Volume 327, 2021, pp. 9, 2021, Bulgaria, E3S Web Conf.,

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