Autors: Trifonov, R. I.
Title: A Model for Identification of Compromised Devices as a Result of Cyberattack on IoT Devices
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence Systems, Information Security, Inter

Abstract: The present paper aims to propose an intelligent system for identification of compromised Internet of Things (IoT) devices due to cyberattack, using Wavelet transformation and Haar filter. Monitoring is being made and the state is identified through time-synchronized series of indexes for usage of processor, memory and network interface card. Using system monitor the time-synchronized indexes of non-compromised IoT devices are saved as well as indexes of compromised IoT devices due to some well-known cyberattacks in Internet of Things are saved. The parameters of the proposed system are being specified in order to distinguish (filter) the two states of the IoT devices (non-compromised or compromised) by these indexes.



    2021 International Conference on Information Technologies (InfoTech-2021), 2021, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-1023

    Copyright IEEE

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