Autors: Gueorgiev, V. T., Totev, V. V.
Title: Modelling of Space Vector Pulse - Width Modulation for Electric Vehicles Application
Keywords: EV

Abstract: This paper presents a discussion about modelling of space vector pulse – width modulation for electric vehicle application. As it is most commonly considered that a pulse – width modulation is symmetrical about its center, the considered modulation is based on the reversing alternating sequence space vector pulse – width modulation. Reversing alternating sequence is characterized with applying both null vectors V0 and V7 alternately. The modelling of the problem is done in MATLAB/ Simulink environment. Model mainly consists of a three – phase power converter with MOSFET’s, a permanent magnet synchronous motor as they are highly utilized in modern electric vehicles and subsystems for computing sectors and gate signals for the inverter. The approach incorporates computing of sectors, time periods T1, T2 and T0 which constitute operation of switches for each sector, and modulation of gate signals. Obtained results are purely on simulation level and are utilized to show that the expected



    13th International Scientific Conference on Aeronautics, Automotive and Railway Engineering and Technologies BulTrans-2021., 2021, Bulgaria,

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