Autors: Gueorgiev, V. T., Totev, V. V.
Title: Modelling of regenerative braking
Keywords: electric vehicles, regenerative braking

Abstract: This paper presents a discussion about simulation modelling of regenerative braking of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are widely topical. Their drivetrain system can be effectively presented by an equivalent system consisting of a battery, a motor and a power converter. Regenerative braking enables part of energy used for braking to be transformed as electrical and recaptured by charging the battery. As this is one of the main advantages of these vehicles over petrol ones, this paper is purposed to explore the modelling and simulation of regenerative braking in MATLAB/ Simulink environment. The model is considered for said equivalent system and consists of a Li- ion battery, a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a power converter. Results from simulation display a satisfactory torque and currents response as well as a raise in state-of-charge of the battery during regenerative periods with negative torque values. Following the simulation results a brief description of a stand



    17-th International Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems (ELMA), 1-4 July 2021, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2021, Bulgaria,

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