Autors: Gueorgiev, V. T., Ibram, D. Y.
Title: Reactive power of nonlinear sign – changing loads
Keywords: nonlinear loads, photovoltaic inverter, reactive

Abstract: This paper presents a discussion about simulation modelling of reactive power and its control by a single – phase inverter in a photovoltaic system. Reactive power is one of the most important electrical magnitudes that requires proper control in a system. The simulation is done in MATLAB/ Simulink environment. The model consists of a single – phase photovoltaic inverter, a source representing the grid and control of said inverter. Currents and voltages are subjected to Clarke’s and Park’s transformations following p – q theory. As the model is operating with a single – phase inverter only the quadrature component is considered. This component is further passed to a proportional – resonant controller which is considered a suitable replacement to proportional – integral one as it can introduce infinite gain at fundamental frequency. Simulation results present satisfactory wavefo



    17-th International Conference on Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems (ELMA), 1-4 July 2021, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2021, Bulgaria,

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