Autors: Penkov, St. P., Taneva, A. T.
Title: Telegram and Discord as a part in control system
Keywords: LoRAWAN, Caht programs

Abstract: This paper presents a further development of Grafana project using LoRa media and chat software in the frame of control system. The new here is the combination of open SCADA for four process values monitoring and chat programs. In this way a bot is created for sending predefined alert as soon as occur in system and published. The so-called notification channel has been created for temperature, humidity, pressure and gas concentration. The values are received by the BME 680 as a feedback in control system structure. The algorithm and programing to ensure the date exchange in real system are done. The verification, response and obtained messages, as a result, are presented. The benefit is that instant messages with convenient data representation are achieved for chosen relevant time interval. This an example of integration between Grafana and messenger apps in new way. Due to integration of Grafana, using LoRa, and chats, the alarms can be set and messages can be transmitted over huge d



    10th International Scientific Conference “TechSys 2021” – Engineering, Technologies and Systems, vol. 1, 2021, Bulgaria, AIP Conference Proceedings 2449, ISSN:1551-7616,

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