Autors: Bitri, A. K., Marinova, G. I., Hajrizi, E.
Title: Identification of Macroeconomic Level Factors for the Electronic Design Automation Industry
Keywords: Electronic Design Automation Industry, PESTEL analysis, Macr

Abstract: The Electronic Design Automation industry operates in a complex, dynamic, and unstable environment. During the years companies have been challenged to continuously find ways of survival and competitiveness. For years the USA has been the leading country in this sector. Most of the talents, knowledge, and innovations have come from organizations operating in this part of the world. Nowadays, due to technological war between countries, and changes in the political arena, other countries have started to invest in their workforces and to challenge the current market balance. This paper aims to identify the macroeconomic level factors that impact the firms that operate in this industry. PESTEL framework is used to give a structured view of the macroeconomic factors impacting the growth and the success of this industry. A comparison between China and the USA is presented.



    International Journal for business and Technology, vol. 9, issue 1, pp. 1-12, 2021, Kosovo, UBT Knowledge Center, DOI 10.33107/ijbte.2021.6.3.23

    Copyright UBT Knowledge Center

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