Autors: Tola, K. L., Marinova, G. I., Hajrizi, E.
Title: Results from the Probation of the IMA-NET Platform in the framework of a Flexible Course at UBR Summer Academia, UBT – International Conference’2021
Keywords: E-Management, E-Learning, Academic network, Joint programs,

Abstract: Summer courses can be a valuable and rewarding experience for students who want to continue building and developing their learning skills during the summer. They offers both flexible and stress-free environments to whom want to master a specific course or gain experience in a totally new subject that they would not otherwise come into contact with during the school year. This helps to round out a student's educational experience and it can be very helpful to them when deciding what they want to do in college and in life. UBT along with partners from TU-Sofia and more with the coordination of CEEPUS Network - CIII-BG-1103-05-2021 Modelling, Simulation and Computer-aided Design in Engineering and Management, organized a summer academy session with 20 hours Flexible CEEUS Course. This was a great opportunity to probate IMA-NET, a web platform for innovative e-Management of Academic Network.



    International Journal for Business and Technology, vol. 9, issue 1, pp. 1-12, 2021, Kosovo, UBT Knowledge Center, DOI 10.33107/ijbte.2021.6.3.21

    Copyright UBT Knowledge Center

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