Autors: Malaj, E. G., Marinova, G. I.
Title: Simulation and Test of RSA algorithm on Mail Server device
Keywords: algorithm, cryptographic, hardware device, security, attack

Abstract: Cybersecurity includes the protection of infrastructure, architecture, applications and hardware. Hardware security is a growing challenge in IT services. In electronic devices have been implemented Cryptographic algorithms to provide security by detecting Physical Attacks, Trojan Hardware, Side Channel Attacks, Zero Value Attacks and Power Analysis Attacks. In this paper, will be realized a summary of some algorithms and cryptographic techniques to solve cybersecurity. In a mail server will be implemented some of them, that will be integrated in a datacenter. Finally, after stimulating some attacks on the datacenter we will draw some conclusions. The solution that we have suggested is fast, reliable and can be used to increase the security and integrity of information on the mail server.



    29th NATIONAL CONFERENCE TELECOM’2021, pp. pp. 81-84, 2021, Bulgaria, IEEE, doi: 10.1109/TELECOM53156.2021.9659623.

    Copyright IEEE

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