Autors: Doyle-Kent, M., Chowdhury, F., Marinova, G. I., Ciuperca, E.M., Bhattacharya, B.S.
Title: The State of Play in Diversity and Inclusion in STEM – a Review of Empirical Evidence, Focusing on Gender
Keywords: Technology, diversity in the workplace, cross-cultural aspects of engineering, engineering ethics, women in engineering

Abstract: The importance of gender balance in all workplace environments cannot be overstated. Organizations that create diverse and inclusive work environments are more adaptable, creative, and become magnets that attract top talent. In this paper we explore a few case studies from several countries to examine the status of women in science and technology, focusing mainly on engineering.



    20th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability TECIS’2021, vol. 54, issue 13, pp. 570-575, 2021, Russia, Sience Direct, ISBN ISSN:2405-8963

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