Autors: Marinova, G. I., Bitri, A. K.
Title: Data Analysis Environment to Study the Dynamics in Electronic Design Automation Industry
Keywords: EDA industry, EDA dynamics, EDA industry evaluation, data an

Abstract: The Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry is one of the most complex and dynamic industries. In the pressure of continuous technological turbulence, changing market demands, and industry convergence EDA companies find it difficult to adapt. This is one of the industries characterized by a large Merger and Acquisition activity. This paper presents results about EDA industry dynamics taken by a data analysis environment developed specifically to study the data for this industry and companies operating in this technological turbulent environment.



    20th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability TECIS’2021, vol. 54, issue 13, pp. 528-532, 2021, Russia, Sience Direct, ISBN ISSN:2405-8963

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