Autors: Panagiev, O. B.
Title: Experimental setup for control, regulation and set up of oscillator frequencies in LNB converters
Keywords: LNB, Ku band, Oscillator, Dielectric resonator, Algorithm

Abstract: The article discusses problems arising in the low noise block (LNB) satellite communications converters and their solution. An experimental setup for establishing the oscillator frequency according to the standard values specific to the different types of LNB converters: Singleband, Dualpol, Universal (Single, Twin, Quad, Quattro) is proposed. The experiments were applied for control, regulation and set up of the frequencies of the local oscillators for the low (9750MHz) and high (10600MHz) Ku band range but they can be equally applied to other types of LNBs operating in different frequency ranges. In the experimental setup, no additional generators, emitters, polarizers and feedhorns are used, but only a level meter with a built-in spectrum analyzer with a working frequency band up to 2150MHz. As a source of radio signals for a specific range and polarization, transponders from satellites located on geostationary orbit are used.



    International engineering conference on Communications, Electromagnetics and Medical Applications, 2021, Greece, ISSN 1314-2100

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