Autors: Panagiev, O. B.
Title: Theoretical and experimental determination of some parameters of the signals in DVB-T reception
Keywords: SFN, DVB-T/Т2, BER, MER, SNR, Ricean and Rayleigh model, g

Abstract: The article discusses some problems with the terrestrial reception of radio and television digital signals (DVB-T) in the single-frequency (SFN) network. The reception is carried out with a Yagi antenna for four channels (23, 27, 40, 49). Mathematical express-ions for basic parameters (BER, MER, and SNR) are proposed and derived, characterizing the quality and reliability of reception of radio and television signals from first-generation digital multiplexes. The constellation diag-rams for TV channels are presented at the receiving location from nearby and remote transmitters. The theoretical and experimental results were obtai-ned in the Ricean and Rayleigh model of the transmission channel. Presented are graphical, tabular and photo data for four channels of considered digital multiplexes operating in the UHF band with different modulations of subcarriers.



    International engineering conference on Communications, Electromagnetics and Medical Applications, 2021, Greece, ISSN 1314-2100

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