Autors: Nedelchev, M. N.
Title: Wave Digital Modeling in Microstrip Hairpin Filter Synthesis
Keywords: bandpass filter , hairpin filter , wave digital filters

Abstract: The paper proposes design, analysis and simulation of microstrip hairpin bandpass filter with the assistance of wave digital approach build-in MATLAB/Simulink. An existing wave-based approach is applied to new type of microstrip structures. The idea behind this paper is to develop digital models that one can implement to model a multi-port structure and to simulate it using Simulink platform that is already used extensively by researchers. The example designs are two classical hairpin bandpass filters: one with the center frequency of 2.4 GHz, and the other with a bandwidth of 7.9 to 8.4 GHz.



    44th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP), pp. 110–113, 2021, Czech Republic,

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