Autors: Karale, A. V., Poulkov, V. K., Lazarova, M. K.
Title: Attribute-Based Encryption
Keywords: Attribute-based encryption; Attributes; Ciphertext policy-AB

Abstract: In today’s world data is growing enormously. With the advancement in data, there is need of effective data security mechanism to handle this stored or transmitted information. This necessity introduced science of cryptography. Being an effective cryptographic system attribute-based encryption (ABE) became hot topic of research among the researchers. ABE is a kind of public key cryptography system. It uses ciphertext and private key of user for the encryption purpose. This scheme hooked up ciphertext with attributes (e.g., e-mail id, country name) which ensures high level of protection. This ABS scheme ensures data confidentiality and exclusive access policy. This chapter studies basic ABS system followed by brief introduction of few popular algorithms like Public Key Encryption, Public Key Infrastructure, and Identity Based Encryption. It also enlightened two major types of ABE, i.e., Key Policy-ABE (KP-ABE) and Ciphertext Policy-ABE (CP-ABE).



    in Functional Encryption, EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing, pp. 225-242, 2021, Switzerland, Springer, Cham, DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-60890-3_13

    Copyright Springer Nature Switzerland AG

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