Autors: Naydenov Z., Manolova, A. H., Tonchev K., Neshov, N. N., Poulkov, V. K.
Title: Holographic Virtual Coach to Enable Measurement and Analysis of Physical Activities
Keywords: augmented reality , Human Centric Cyber Physical System , physical activities , virtual coach

Abstract: Globally, there is a huge problem with lack of physical activity, obesity and many diseases due to malnutrition, lack of movement, sedentary lifestyle, etc. Exasperated by the current worldwide situation where almost all of the active population including children of all ages is sequestered at home with no opportunities to do physical exercises outdoors or in a gym, we propose a prototype of a Human Centric Cyber Physical System to measure and analyze physical activities by employing a holographic virtual coach. The system can identify the user from a multi-view camera setup at the begging of each session and a program-based algorithm will detect and analyze his or hers periodic activities. The algorithm can detect the beginning of a series of exercises of a given type, measures the duration of each of them, detects the end of the physical activity sequence, and measures the number of repetitions and deviation from a setup norm. The virtual coach application is managed by the user’s .



    44th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP), pp. 288 - 291, 2021, Czech Republic, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/TSP52935.2021.9522635

    Copyright IEEE

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