Autors: Brusev, T. S., Ganev, B. T.
Title: High-Current Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Implemented on PCB
Keywords: buck-boost dc-dc converter, high output current, PCB design, Cadence OrCAD.

Abstract: In this paper is presented high-current buck-boost dc-dc converter implemented on PCB. The output voltage VOUT of the converter is regulated to be equal to 12 V. The maximum output current IOUT(MAX) of the circuit is 5 A. The four-layer PCB is designed using software Cadence OrCAD. The physical PCB sizes of the buck-boost converter are 95mm X 70mm. The efficiency η of the circuit at different output currents IOUT is evaluated.



    XXX International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), 2021, Bulgaria, ISBN 978-1-6654-4519-1

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