Autors: Singh H., Bonev, B. G., Petkov, P. Z., Kumar R.
Title: A novel approach for predicting attenuation of radio waves caused by rain
Keywords: Millimeter waves; Precipitation; Rain Attenuation; Satellite communication

Abstract: The radio wave propagation studies at higher frequencies above 10 GHz plays an important role for outdoor environmental conditions. Attenuation caused due to the rain plays a significant role while designing the radio links. This paper discusses the ITU-R model of rain and its limitations and proposes the new model. As in ITU model in order to calculate attenuation values of regression coefficients k and α should be known, which are dependent on frequency and polarization. In proposed model these coefficients are not required in order to calculate attenuation. The results of proposed model also match with the ITU model.



    2nd IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems, ICPEICES 2018, pp. 1193-1198, 2018, India, ISBN 978-153866625-8

    Copyright IEEE

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