Autors: Nachev, I. N., Iliev, I. G.
Title: Study of band gap structure for improving antenna radiation pattern
Keywords: Band Gap structures, EBG, periodic structures, antennas, radiation pattern narrowing, antenna gain increasing, metamaterials, UAV

Abstract: In this work, an antenna system consisted of a Z shape EBG structure placed in front of a radiate patch is studied to narrow radiation pattern (RP) beamwidth and gain increasing are studded. Antenna system simulation and measurement results are presented with different Z shape EBG structures. Parametric optimization of the complex antenna structure is made to discover necessary geometric dimensions and the system is made and measured. A comparison between simulation and measurement results is done. The results show that the new antenna system with optimal dimension has increased gain by 2dB and narrowed RP beamwidth approximately 20º versus ordinary patch antenna.



    TELECOM 2021, 29th National Conference with International Participation,IEEE Conference record #53156, 2021, Bulgaria, IEEE

    Copyright IEEE Conference record #53156

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