Autors: Baeva, S. K., Hinova, I. S.
Title: Most Favorable Results for Forecasting Methods for Natural Gas and Photovoltaic Energy Consumption
Keywords: energy, forecasting methods, natural gas, photovoltaic

Abstract: This article contrasts three forecasting methods (Statistical Method, Stochastic Method and Optimal Control Method) for calculating forecasts for energy consumption from natural gas and photovoltaic. Accurate forecasting is important to ensure network stability and reliability. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are summarized based on historical data, together with the forecast horizons and input parameters. A comparison is made of the effectiveness of the proposed three forecasting methods to help researchers choose the best approach to forecasting for future research.



    29-th National Conference with International Participation „Telecom 2021“, pp. 47-52, 2021, Bulgaria, IEEE Explore,

    Copyright IEEE Explore

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