Autors: Popov, S. A., Baeva, S. K., Hinova, I. S.
Title: Application of the Pontryagin Maximum Principle in the Optimal Management of Short-Term Requests for Natural Gas Supply
Keywords: Pontryagin maximum principle, optimal management, short-term requests, natural gas supply

Abstract: Optimal control is one of the relatively young branches of mathematics. Extremely applicable to the problems of the modern fast-paced world, in particular the problems related to non-renewable natural resources. One of these resources is natural gas, and as such it is necessary to look for effective methods to optimize its use. The present study presents an application of the Pontryagin maximum principle in the optimal management of short-term requests for natural gas supply.



    47-th International Conference Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, AMEE 2021, vol. 2505, pp. 080028-1-080028-9, 2022, Bulgaria, AIP Conference Proceedings,

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