Autors: Popov, S. A., Hinova, I. S., Baeva, S. K.
Title: Stochastic Method for Optimal Management of Short-Term Requests for Natural Gas Supply
Keywords: stochastic method, optimal management, short-term requests, natural gas supply

Abstract: All costs are consulted with the storage of stocks with constant or change over time and depend on their volume. The problem of inventory management presents the nature of demand and opportunities for their replenishment. The demand can be known or unknown, constant, or changing over time, and the quantity that is characterized can be discrete or continuous. The present study presents a stochastic method for optimal management of short-term requests for natural gas supply.



    47-th International Conference Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, AMEE 2021, vol. 2505, pp. 080029-1-080029-8, 2022, Bulgaria, AIP Conference Proceedings,

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