Autors: StefanovaStoyanova, V. V., Stoyanov, K. K., Danov, P. Y.
Title: Comparison Of Architectural Models Of IoT Systems - Advantages And Disadvantages
Keywords: IoT; Architecture of IoT Systems; Client-Server Architecture; Peer-to-peer model; Service-oriented architecture (SOA); REST Architecture; Layer-oriented Architecture; Microkernel architecture (plug-in architecture).

Abstract: There are currently many classifications of IoT systems, many of which come from the industry and reflect the functional and structural characteristics of the solutions. One of the most popular practical classifications of IoT systems is the Postscapes classification, which divides the whole set of solutions into seven different categories ("Smart Home", "Smart Transport", "Smart Healthcare", "Smart Sales", "Smart Transport"). "Smart Home" and "Smart Production" and "Smart City", as well as "Smart Energy".



    XXX International Scientific Conference Electronics - ET2021, September 15 - 17, 2021, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 2021, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ET52713.2021.9579948

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