Autors: Stoyanov, T. M.
Title: Method for construction and verification of the stator winding on a permanent magnet synchronous motor
Keywords: stator winding, synchronous motor, construction and verification, sinusoidal shape, magnetomotive force

Abstract: This paper aims to present the creation of the stator winding. Which is characterized by sixty stator’s slots, the number of the stator’s phases is three and two slot for pole and phase. When constructing the stator winding, the geometry of the machine, the possibility for technological and simple construction are taken into account. Another no less important fact that is paid attention to the sinusoidal shape of the magnetomotive force (mmf). The creation of the stator winding is an iterative method, which is presented in detail in this paper. Sequentially go through the following steps-determination of the current densities for each stator’s slots, determination of the flux linkage created by permanent magnets and on load mode.


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The Sixth Junior Conference on Lighting (LIGHTING 2021), 2021, Bulgaria,

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