Autors: Sofronova, D. A., Angelova, R. A.
Title: Classification of digital stitch lines in machine embroidery
Keywords: machine embroidering, classification, digital stitch lines, textiles, textile systems

Abstract: Despite the large application of the machine embroidery in textile and apparel design and high-tech clothing items, there is а lack of systematic arrangement of the digital stitch lines, used by embroidery machines and embroidery designers. Since 2010 information on embroidery stitch lines could be mostly found in the web sites of the embroidery machine manufacturers and software product manuals. However, in the instruction manuals the instruments for creating various embroidery objects are simply described without providing systematic information on the types of the stitch lines. Even more, different names of the stitch lines and different ways to achieve the same design are observed. Single authors offer their own classifications based entirely and logically on the stitches of the hand embroidery. Another group of authors relied on already developed techniques and strategies for digitizing stitches in various software products or took into account the final appearance of the stitch.



    , vol. 72, issue 5, pp. 538-544, 2021, Romania, Industria textila, DOI 10.35530/IT.072.05.202017

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