Autors: Vencl, Al.V., Kandeva, M. K., Zadorozhnaya, E.Z., Svoboda, P.S., Michalec, M.M., Milivojevic, Al.M., Trdan, U.T.
Title: Studies on structural, mechanical and erosive wear properties of ZA-27 alloy-basedmicro-nanocomposites
Keywords: ZA-27 alloy, micro-nanocomposites, compocasting, microstruct

Abstract: Metal matrix nanocomposites represent a relatively new class of material, which is still being extensively investigated. Most of the studies, however, are devoted to aluminium- or magnesium-based nanocomposites. A limited number of studies focus on zinc alloy base nanocomposites, with fewer still concentrating on zinc alloy base micro-nanocomposites. In addition, most of the tribological studies investigate adhesive or abrasive wear resistance, whereas studies of erosive wear resistance lag well behind. It was previously shown that the presence of nanoparticles in ZA-27 alloy-based nanocomposites led to a slight increase in erosive wear resistance. Upon discovering that, the aim became to produce micro-nanocomposites that would retain the positive effect of nanoparticles, while further elevating performance, by combining microparticles with nanoparticles. The ZA-27 alloy-based micro-nanocomposites were reinforced with 3 wt.% Al2O3 microparticles (particle size approx. 36 lm).



    Proc IMechE Part L: J Materials: Design and Applications, pp. 1–10, 2021, Finland, Journal of Materials: Design and Applications,

    Copyright Journal of Materials: Design and Applications

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