Autors: Slavov, D. V., Hristov, V. D.
Title: Remote Wi-Fi Control of a Holonomic Mobile Robot
Keywords: Mecanum wheels, Arduino, omni-directional robot, ESP8266

Abstract: This paper describes a mobile robotic system remotely controlled by a smartphone using Android app. The mobile robot platform has omnidirectional Mecanum wheels which enables movement in any direction and increases its agility. Data communication is accomplished using Wi-Fi connection between the smartphone and the robot. Amica NodeMCU integrating ESP8266 is used to set up the wireless server, and Arduino Mega 2560 to receive user's commands and apply motion control. Ten locomotion types are successfully performed, both rectilinear and rotational. Safety anti-collision function is implemented using ultrasonic distance sensor. It reliably stops the robot just before reaching an obstacle even at highest speed. Smoother motor rotation is achieved using different speed reduction coefficients, to overcome the unequal losses in the motors. The realized communication procedure allows fast transfer of larger data which can help improving the robot control and functionality.



    PROCEEDINGS OF THE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOFIA, vol. 71, issue 3, pp. 19-22, 2021, Bulgaria, ISSN 2738-8549

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