Autors: Romansky, R. P., Romanska, I. S.
Title: Investigation of Communication Parameters in Multicomputer Architecture with Ring Topology
Keywords: Parallel architecture; Multiple processing; Ring topology; Formalization; Model investigation.

Abstract: The implementation of high-volume calculations requires the use of high-performance computer systems, incl. based on multiple processing (MIMD architectures with different types of topology). The article proposes an approach for functional investigation and evaluation of communication parameters in the organization of multiple processing of tasks in multicomputer architecture with ring topology and additional chord connections between certain nodes (chord ring). Analytical estimates for basic parameters used in the organization of simulation experiments are presented, and the analysis of the experimental results is done by statistical processing.



    2021 IEEE International Conference on Information Technologies (InfoTech-2021), pp. 119-123, 2021, Bulgaria, IEEE Xplore DL, ISBN 978-1-6654-0323-8

    Copyright IEEE

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