Autors: Naydenova, I. I., Sandov, O. L., Wesenauer F., Laminger Т., Winter F.
Title: No and ultrafine particles formation during the combustion of single biomass particles under FBC conditions
Keywords: Biomass, Fluidized bed combustion, Particle size analysis

Abstract: The present study aims at investigating key pollutants (gaseous and particulates), identified in the single particle combustion of three different types of biomass. The biomass was characterized through the following chemical analyses: proximate, ultimate and ash analyses. The higher heating values were obtained with calorimetric analyses. The experiments were carried out at atmospheric pressure (p), varying the following operating parameters: temperature (T), inflow oxygen partial pressure (pO2) and initial mass of a single fuel particle/sample (mfuel,0). In focus were the emissions of NO and particulate matter (PM). The NO emissions were dependent on the fuel bound nitrogen content and this was the reaction mechanism assumed to dominate the NO formation in the flue gases. Ultrafine PM of submicron size were measured in the highest concentration for all types of biomass. The size of the fuel particles and their chemical composition were assumed to affect the PM emissions. However, th



    , 2021, Canada, GLAB Reactor and Fluidization Technologies, ISBN 978-177136850-6

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