Autors: Milanov, K. G.
Title: Magnetization Devices For Permanent Rare-Earth Magnets With Increased Energy Efficiency
Keywords: Rare earth permanent magnets , magnetization process , pulse mode , capacitor module , energy efficiency , PSpice

Abstract: he purpose of this article is to propose a method for increasing the energy efficiency of devices designed for magnetization and more precisely in their design. It is often necessary to use devices for magnetizing permanent magnets, which require increased values of magnetic fields for magnetization together with complex ferromagnetic reinforcement. Devices for serial magnetization of rare earth permanent magnets with complex ferromagnetic reinforcement, working according to the classical electric scheme, have become widespread. A disadvantage of the classical electric scheme used to magnetize permanent magnets is that the energy in the inductor is converted into heat and lost in the environment. The article offers a new electric circuit based on the classic scheme for magnetization of rare earth permanent magnets. In the proposed electric scheme, the electricity generated by the inductor is used for initial charging of the capacitor module, which serves to achieve a pulsed magnetizat



    2020 12th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference (BulEF), 2020, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/BulEF51036.2020.9326047

    Copyright IEEE

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