Autors: Pandiev, I. M.
Title: Development of Laboratory System for Investigation of CMOS Digital Potentiometers Based on AD5143 Evaluation Board
Keywords: programmable circuits, potentiometers, amplifiers, engineeri

Abstract: This paper describes a laboratory system designed for the study of monolithic CMOS digital potentiometers. The developed laboratory system is based on the EVAL-AD5143DBZ evaluation board, which is built around a quad-channel digital potentiometer AD5143. The AD5143 has 10kΩ nominal resistance with 256 positions of the wipers and is a widely used electronic device in analog signal processing circuits. On the basis of an analysis of the operational principle and the functionality of the EVAL-AD5143DBZ board, an assignment for laboratory practice was developed. Furthermore, through experimental testing, students can understand the operability and efficiency of specific analog circuits with wide practical application. In particular, the developed system is intended for students on the Master’s degree program of “Electronics” at the Technical University of Sofia.



    12th National Conference with International Participation (ELECTRONICA), pp. 4, 2021, Bulgaria, FNTS and CEEC, DOI 10.1109/ELECTRONICA52725.2021.9513695

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