Autors: Gancheva, V. S.
Title: Knowledge Discovery Based on Data Analytics and Visualization Supporting Precision Medicine
Keywords: big biomedical data analytics; data visualization; DNA seque

Abstract: Major challenge in the analysis of clinical data and knowledge discovery is to suggest an integrated, advanced and efficient tools, methods and technologies for access and processing of progressively increasing amounts of data in multiple formats. The problem of adapting the personal treatment to a patient is extremely complex and the medical doctor should examine and analyze large amounts of various data of different type. A comprehensive system for precision medicine, which covers all phases of data discovery, data integration, data preprocessing, building models, data storage, data analysis and visualization can be very useful to scientists in support of precision medicine. The software system aims intelligent big genomic data management, analysis and visualization and allows scientists an easy, fast and flexible approach for data processing. They can choose the services they wish to be executed, use the available data sets in databases, or enter their own data to be processed.



    International Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Science and Engineering, pp. 102 - 105, 2020, Greece, DOI 10.1109/MACISE49704.2020.00024

    Copyright IEEE

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