Autors: Yordanova, S. T., Меразчиев Д.Г., Георгиева А.
Title: Investigation of the Real Time Fuzzy Control System of a Two-Variable Plant
Keywords: energy efficiency, fuzzy logic two-variable PI controllers,

Abstract: Temperature and humidity are the basic variables in the energy efficient control of indoor comfort in laboratory premises. Their interconnection, the many disturbances – outdoor ambient influences, people and equipment impact, etc. and the inertia make difficult the modelling of the processes and the design of the control using classical approaches. The model free fuzzy logic control has proven its advanges in such cases. The aim of the present paper is to study designed and tested by simulation different two-variable fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) in the real time control of a pilot plant and to assess the system performance and the energy consumption. The pilot plant is built on operational amplifiers to model the temperature-humidity relationship. In real time control a more realistic system is considered, subjected to real world noises,disturbances, inertia, nonlinearities due to insensitivity and saturation of signals, etc.



    Proc. of the 10th Jubilee Int. Conf. “Challenges in Higher Education and Research in the 21st Century”, issue 10, pp. 50-54, 2012, Bulgaria, Heron Press

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