Autors: Shopov, Y. M., FilipovaPetrakieva, S. K., Boychev, B. B.
Title: Investigation of residual current devices in high frequencies
Keywords: electrical safety, residual current devices (RCD)

Abstract: In the paper, the results from the analysis of the working process of the residual current devices (RCD) in frequencies over 50 Hz (resp. 60 Hz), are presented. The main aim of the investigation is to estimate the applicability of the considered RCD in the systems including modern converting devices and its protective measures from the electric current breaking in the working frequencies over 50 Hz (resp. 60 Hz). The paper finishes with concluding remarks about the advantages and disadvantages of the considered models of RCD.



    X Scientific Conference BulEF’2018, 2019, Bulgaria, DOI 978-1-5386-7565-6 / 10.1109/BULEF.2018.8646945

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