Autors: Hinov, N. L., Hranov, T. H., Dimitrov, V. V.
Title: Tolerance Analysis of Resonant Converters with Parallel Loaded Capacitor
Keywords: Tolerance Analysis, Resonant Converters, Parallel Loaded Cap

Abstract: The paper presents a study of a power electronics device, based on a series resonant circuit with a parallel loaded capacitor. Two circuits are reviewed in consideration: a Buck DC-DC converter and a resonant parallel-loaded inverter. The difference between the two circuits is only in the relationship between the switching frequencies and the resonant frequency. In the first case, the operating frequency is equal to the resonant, and in the other case, the control frequency significantly exceeds the resonant tank frequency (at least over 2-3 times). The main purpose of the manuscript is to present the influence of the tolerances of the resonant elements on the operating modes of devices that share the same topology.



    , 2020, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ET50336.2020.9238188

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