Autors: Bekiarski, A. B.
Title: Workflow approach to design automatic tutor in e-learning environment
Keywords: Moodle,GISMO tool, training session,E-learning

Abstract: E-learning is becoming more and more a strategic choice of modern educational systems in the world. Consequently the requirements of the platforms used are eminent. One of the requirements on which our work has focused is how to make the job of a tutor, automatic and intelligent. Given that the role of a Tutor is reflected essentially by the appropriate decision-making to a critical situation, what the learner can pass. Depending on the situation, the decision of the tutor guides the student to an alternative or another in the pedagogical strategy. This tutorial is based on the flow of information returned by the system that summarizes the traceability of the learner who attended a training session. To achieve this goal, we started by studying the modeling approaches of information flows. Among these approaches we chose the workflow model that meets the needs of our conception of an automatic and intelligent tutor. The basic inputs of this workflow are the outputs of the GISMO tool th



    , 2016, Malta,

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