Autors: Pashinski, C. O., Милко Ангелов., Rupetsov V., Petrov, D. G., Shindov, P. H., Dishliev S.
Title: Arc bond sputtering equipment for deposition of innovative industrial coatings
Keywords: Arc Bond Sputtering, coatings, DLC, nanocomposites, PVD

Abstract: The deposition of coatings is widely used in modern industry. The pursuit of high quality and environmental friendliness increasingly extends the application of PVD technology. This article describes one designed and manufactured equipment for Arc Bond Sputtering deposition which is able to create coatings with valuable industrial properties. Its most important assemblies are shown and the principles in its design are explained. At the end two promising coatings deposited by this equipment are described: a nanocomposite Ti/TiN/TiCN/nc-TiCN:a-C/nc-TiC:a-C/a-C and a superlattice Ti/TiN/CrN-ml. Their experimentally determined value of the wear rate is comparable with the best-known results for similar coatings.



    Proceedings / IV International Conference Industrial Engineering and Environmental Protection (IIZS 2014), Zrenjanin, 15th October 2014., pp. pp. 356 - 361, 2014, Serbia, Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin"; Zrenjanin, ISBN ISBN 978-86-7672-234-1

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