Autors: Stoynova, A. V., Bonev, B. B.
Title: Comparison of infrared thermography modelling approaches for detection of defect areas in electronic structures
Keywords: Infrared thermography; Defect detection; Thermal modeling

Abstract: The article presents an approach to obtain solutions by channeling the electrothermal (ET) analogy and using an electrical circuit simulator to model active infrared thermography in non-destructive testing of electronic structures. The analogy can be used to determinate optimal thermographic procedure parameters to effectively detect hidden defects and malfunctions in electronic devices and structures. To evaluate the effectiveness of the approach, the results of the FEM, FDM, and ET modeling of different regimes of active thermography for non-destructive testing of electronic structures have been compared and verified by experimental measurements.



    QIRT 2020, pp. QIRT-2020-148, 2020, Portugal, QIRT Council, ISSN:2371-4085/DOI: 10.21611/qirt.2020.141

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