Autors: Georgieva, D. A., Kovachev, L. M.
Title: Merging and energy exchange between optical filaments
Keywords: multi-filament parallel propagation, reduction of the number

Abstract: We investigate nonlinear interaction between collinear femtosecond laser pulses with power slightly above the critical for self-focusing Pcr trough the processes of cross-phase modulation (CPM) and degenerate four-photon parametric mixing (FPPM). When there is no initial phase difference between the pulses we observe attraction between pulses due to CPM. The final result is merging between the pulses in a single filament with higher power. By method of moments it is found that the attraction depends on the distance between the pulses and has potential character. In the second case we study energy exchange between filaments. This process is described through FPPM scheme and requests initial phase difference between the waves.


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AIP Conference Proceedings. 7th International Conference for Promoting the Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences, AMiTaNS’15; Albena, Bulgaria; 28 June 2015 through 3 July 2015, vol. 1684, issue 1, pp. 080005, 2015, United States, American Institute of Physics,

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