Autors: Marinov, M. B., Hensel, S., Ganev, B. T., Nikolov, G. T.
Title: Performance evaluation of low-cost particulate matter sensors
Keywords: Air quality, Calibration, Correlation, Particulate matter, R

Abstract: Increased particulate matter (PM) concentration in big cities and agglomerations is one of the main risk factors for the health of the residents. Conventional systems for PM monitoring have significant limitations, especially with respect to the costs for installation and maintenance. The number of these monitor stations is limited but PM concentration changes fast, non-linearly, within wide limits and depends on various factors. The large gradients in air quality, especially in urban areas, are a significant challenge for conventional measurement technologies. In recent years there has been a rapid development of compact, mobile low-cost measurement systems with better spatial coverage than that of traditional air quality systems. The present work is dedicated to the performance evaluation of commercial, off-the-shelf PM sensors. The main error sources in these sensors and the possibilities for their reduction are discussed


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2017 26th International Scientific Conference Electronics, ET 2017 - Proceedings, 2017, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/ET.2017.8124367

Copyright IEEE

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