Autors: Arnaudov, D. D., Kishkin, K. Y., Penev, D. N.
Title: Modeling and optimization of the algorithm of operation of a battery management system
Keywords: supercapacitor, voltage balancing, algorithm,

Abstract: Supercapacitors as any other capacitors also have tolerance in their capacitance. That brings difficulties when charging a series connected cells because the voltage of each cell changes with different rate. This paper presents a modification of an algorithm for an active voltage balancing system. These algorithms are applicable to any energy storage systems, made of supercapacitor sell connected in series. The benefits of the new algorithm are mentioned. Lowering the installed power and lower torque power of the additional DC-DC converters is achieved in the proposed algorithm. The equalization algorithm is verified by software simulation in LTSpice by using the obtained equations. The calculation procedure considers limitations related to some parameters of the energy storage elements like current and voltage. Simulations results showing the operability of the algorithm are presented.



    46-th International Conference “Application of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics”, pp. 090037-1 - 090037-7, 2020, Bulgaria, AIP Publishing,

    Copyright AIP Publishing

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