Autors: Tashev, T.D., Marinov, M. B., Tasheva, R.P., Alexandrov, A.K.
Title: Generalized nets model of the LPF-algorithm of the crossbar switch node for determining LPF-execution time complexity
Keywords: Generalized nets, LPF-algorithm, crossbar switch node

Abstract: The apparatus of the Generalized Nets (GN) is applied to describe the LPF-algorithm for modeling a conflict-free schedule for packet crossbar switch. Throughput calculation results for a switch node with the LPF- algorithm computer simulation with a family of load traffic patterns are presented. Studies show that the execution time depends on the degree of dimension O(n exp(4,7)).



    AIP Conference Proceedings 2333, 090039 (2021), pp. 090039-1-8, 2021, Bulgaria,

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