Autors: Iatcheva, I. I., Dimitrova, M.
Title: Influence of power line parameters on the configuration of the magnetic field distribution in its vicinity
Keywords: finite element method, magnetic field, parameterized modelin

Abstract: The paper presents some results, obtained in the parameterized numerical modeling of magnetic field distribution created in the vicinity of high voltage power line. The accent in the study is analysis of the influence of some design and regime parameters of the transmission line on the configuration of the magnetic field distribution. The investigations are based on FEM modeling of quasi-stationary magnetic field for different values of parameters defining geometric design and currents of the three-phase power line. The field distribution has been analyzed and dependencies have been obtained between the maximum of the field values, their location relative to the axis of the three-wire line and the values of the examined line parameters.



    2020 21st International Symposium on Electrical Apparatus and Technologies, SIELA 2020 - Proceedings, art. no. 9167114, 2020, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/SIELA49118.2020.9167114

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